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Supporting adults in aged care

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Jane’s tips for phone calls

Here are 5 tips you can try if hearing people on the phone is difficult for you.

  • 1. Connecting the phone to your hearing aid or cochlear implant using Bluetooth
  • 2. Using a speakerphone to listen with both ears
  • 3. Holding the phone to your hearing aid or cochlear implant microphone (usually behind your ear)
  • 4. Using video calls, such as Skype, so we can see the talker’s face when we are speaking to them
  • 5. Using text messages or email instead of talking on the phone.
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Can:Do Hearing Audiologists can answer any questions that you may have about your hearing or hearing aids. Just ask.

Our audiologists do not receive commissions, so you can trust our recommendation – even if it’s for a second opinion.

How is your appointment paid?

If you are on a pension or are a veteran, all hearing tests, base level hearing aids and annual check-ups are completely subsidised by the government through the Hearing Service Program. We will establish this for you once you have completed the booking form to provide relevant information for us to conduct an eligibility check.

A Can:Do Hearing appointment gives you time to have your hearing checked, to meet our audiologist and discuss your needs/what we can do for you. We find many people enjoy a conversation about their hearing, even if currently with another provider. It’s good to “check in”.

What if I have a Power of Attorney?

We can call and confirm appointments with POA’s at your request.