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Soundfield Systems provide a clarity and depth of sound that benefits the classroom environment to improve the quality of learning for all children, and is essential to improve access to learning for children who are deaf or hard of hearing or with Auditory Processing Disorder, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Soundfield Systems amplify the teacher’s (or speaker’s) voice and benefits include:

  • the ability to hear and understand directions more easily
  • better communication
  • less overall noise
  • increased student participation and performance

From portable systems to fully-installed infra-red or FM radio technology, both students and teachers will benefit from having this technology in the learning environment.

Our experienced Can:Do 4Kids Assistive Technology Services team, in partnership with clients, families and schools develop tailored programs that explore equipment and technology options to meet student needs.

Access to the right technology can make a real difference to children and young people, helping to increase opportunities to learn, whilst developing self-reliance and independence. Our services include technology assessments and recommendations, equipment trials, training sessions for clients and families, teachers and support staff.

For any information regarding classroom acoustics, amplification options and devices for accessing curriculum please contact the Can:Do 4Kids team via