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Soundfield: a classroom audio solution

School students raising hands in class

Soundfield systems provide a clarity and depth of sound that benefits the classroom environment to improve the quality of learning for all children, and is essential to improve access to learning for children who are deaf or hard of hearing or with Auditory Processing Disorder, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What is a soundfield system?

Soundfields are finely tuned voice amplification systems used in classrooms and other settings to help deliver a speaker’s voice evenly across the space. Soundfield systems provide a clarity that benefits the classroom by reducing vocal strain for teachers, and improving the quality of learning for all children, with or without hearing loss.

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Why do I need a soundfield in the classroom?

Put simply, everyone can benefit from a soundfield system!

Soundfields can help improve education outcomes
Soundfields improve audibility, which promotes improved attention and comprehension.

While soundfields are essential for improving access to sound and learning for children who are deaf or hard of hearing, with Auditory Processing Disorder, ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, they in fact assist everyone in the room.

  • Teachers (reducing vocal strain and improves communication)
  • students with temporary or permanent hearing loss
  • students with special needs or learning difficulties
  • students from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • students at the back of the room
  • and many others!

By improving audibility, students see an increase in attention and comprehension, leading to better educational outcomes and behaviours in the classroom.

How do soundfields work?

A soundfield system distributes speech evenly across the listening space via highly tuned speakers. This is not to be confused with a PA system or amplifier, which simply amplifies every sound and makes the room noisier. A soundfield system focusses only on the speaker’s voice, making it clearer without ‘sounding loud’ to those in the room.

Soundfields improve the signal-to-noise ratio

Soundfields improve signal-to-noise ratios
Lifting the speaker's voice above other noise is critical for children in classrooms.

A greater signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is critical for better comprehension. In fact, for children to achieve the same sound recognition as adults, they require a higher SNR due to their immature listening and language systems.

This means the teacher’s voice (signal) must be clearer than competing sounds (noise) inside and outside the space. This can include classroom noise, ventilation systems such air conditioners, distance, or reverberation from poor acoustics.

A soundfield system evenly distributes the voice to ensure an increase in the signal to noise ratio for everyone in the classroom.

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Benefits of a classroom audio system

Educational spaces vary greatly, and students of all ages require optimised access to learning through listening. That’s why we believe soundfield systems should be in every education space.

Soundfield systems promote:

  • the ability to hear and understand directions more easily.
  • a quieter environment and less overall noise.
  • improved student attention, participation, performance and behaviour.
  • improved wellbeing for teachers by reducing vocal fatigue.

How is a soundfield system set up?

Soundfield systems are simple to use
Soundfields are both wireless and handsfree, connected by lanyard microphones and Bluetooth devices.

Most soundfield systems consist of two main parts: the microphone and the speaker/s. Microphones are handsfree (usually worn on a lanyard) and completely wireless, allowing the teacher freedom to hold other items and to move around unencumbered.

Teachers can speak at a comfortable conversational level, without having to call out, as their voice will be effortlessly optimised and distributed evenly to every corner of the room. It’s important to remember: a soundfield doesn’t just amplify a teacher’s voice, but makes it much clearer, ensuring listeners can focus on the voice and not the background noise.

Many systems can also be connected to most personal wireless communication systems for hearing aid or cochlear implant users. Our Teachers of the Deaf and Audiologists can help you choose the correct system and provide the correct support for children or students with hearing impairment.

Soundfields come in two configurations, portable or fully installed, and both technologies provide exceptional benefit. A portable system is suitable for any public address forum and can be easily moved from one room to another, or used for outdoor learning.

Soundfield products at Can:Do Hearing

As trusted hearing health experts, Can:Do Hearing is best placed to provide soundfield solutions for all South Australian classrooms, and classrooms nationwide. Our services include technology assessments and recommendations, equipment trials, training sessions for clients and families, teachers and support staff.

Can:Do Hearing offers a free two-week trial of the FrontRow Juno or FrontRow Lyrik system to schools prior to purchase.

FrontRow products

FrontRow is a universal soundfield system brand, designed to provide the best listening conditions for all students in an educational space.

FrontRow Juno
FrontRow Juno
FrontRow Juno speaker and transmitter. Appearance may vary.

The FrontRow Juno provides great sound coverage across the classroom. It is an infrared system and needs line-of-sight between the Tower and the microphone.

Juno technology delivers sound evenly, reduces unwanted echo and can produce up to 25% greater volume over distance compared to conventional or flat-panel speakers.

Juno with Bluetooth® further maximises student engagement by enabling wireless audio streaming of instructional content. Bluetooth® is an important addition to FrontRow's audio reinforcement technology because media audio is frequently part of instructional content and needs to be heard just as clearly as the teacher and student voices.

Our bundles include:

  • Juno System with Bluetooth®
  • Teacher microphone
  • Student microphone kit
  • Universal drop-in charger
FrontRow Lyrik
FrontRow Lyrik
FrontRow Lyrik speaker with two types of microphone in a charging dock. Appearance may vary.

Lyrik is a small, portable wireless sound system. Whether instructions happen inside or outside, Lyrik makes sure everyone can hear clearly. With its integrated rechargeable battery and lightweight design, Lyrik can go wherever you need it throughout the school day.

The tower and teacher microphone are lightweight. Lyrik also comes with a padded custom-made case, so you can easily and quickly transport and protect the tower, mics and cables.

Our bundles include:

  • Lyrik Soundfield system
  • Teacher microphone
  • Student microphone
  • Drop-in microphone charger
  • Field case

For any information regarding classroom acoustics, amplification options and devices for accessing curriculum please contact the Can:Do 4Kids team via