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Hearing Aid Batteries

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You can purchase hearing aid batteries from each of our clinic locations.

Do you need to check your batteries?

Rechargeable hearing aid wearers, look away now :)

It’s a good practice to check your batteries every six months.

Always follow manufacturer instructions for use and disposal.

Hearing aid batteries can pose a safety hazard if not handled properly. Store them in a cool, dry place and keep them out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest the batteries and dispose of used batteries promptly to avoid leakage.

Research shows that Australians care about the environment and know recycling is important, however with 200+ recycling labels in use, getting recycling right can be difficult.

PlanetArk says, “Recycling batteries keeps toxic materials out of landfill where they can contaminate the soil and groundwater. It also ensures the valuable materials in batteries are recycled into the something new, which reduces the amount of finite natural resources used in the production of new batteries.”

Our aim at Can:Do Hearing is to provide an easy way for correct disposal of unwanted goods and technology such as hearing aids and any associated batteries. Installations of recycle bins for hearing aids and prescription glasses are in all Can:Do Hearing clinics. 

We are thrilled to have partnered with Lions to increase their own impact through recycling efforts, by providing hearing aid and prescription glasses ‘drop off locations’ for the purpose of recycling or repurposing.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss upgrading to rechargeable hearing aids, please chat to your Audiologist at your next appointment.

Drop off locations