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Can:Do Hearing’s trained professionals use best practice techniques to remove your ear wax safely.

Our waterless technique combines micro-suction and a tiny spoon-like instrument to gently remove any wax build-up. The procedure only takes around 15 minutes and the benefits will be noticed immediately. Not only can this gentle method of wax removal improve your hearing and reduce discomfort in the ears, but also improve the long-term care of your ear health. In fact, microsuction is the method preferred by ENTs and GPs.

Ear wax removal is available at our Hindmarsh, Blackwood, Noarlunga and Adelaide locations.

Note: Clients booking appointments for wax management should note the following conditions may preclude you; diabetes, active ear infection, and medications or supplements resulting in blood thinning. If you are not suffering from any of these conditions and wish to proceed with a wax management appointment the use of wax drops/spray prior to your appointment will assist in removing your wax

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