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Jane Campbell

Senior Audiologist

Hi, I’m Jane. I’ve been an audiologist at Can:Do Hearing since October 2020.

Prior to becoming an audiologist, I worked in the medical records department of a major public hospital, and while I’d initially completed a health sciences degree, I was drawn to the field of audiology, which I felt suited my interest and skillsets, having read about this important and rewarding the profession. 

My combined love of audiology and travel has seen me venture far and wide, working as an audiologist throughout remote South Australia in places such as Oak Valley, Yalata, Coober Pedy, Oodnadatta and Ceduna, as well as the ACT and Samoa. It was in this beautiful part of the Pacific that I got to immerse myself in humanitarian audiology work, assisting hearing-impaired people of the region.

I really enjoy working across the full spectrum of hearing problems encountered by both children and adults, and I continue to learn about the intricacies of hearing and the ways we can assist those who have hearing challenges.

Jane tile