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Auditory Processing Disorder

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What is APD?

Auditory processing is a term for ‘what we do with what we hear’. Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is an inability to make optimal use of what we hear and affects 3% to 5% of the population – about one child in every classroom.

A child with auditory processing difficulties can hear spoken messages, but might not be able to make sense of what they hear. As a result, children with APD can experience difficulties in the following areas:

  • Listening in noisy environments
  • Understanding and following instructions
  • Remembering information they’ve heard
  • Learning to read, write and spell

We’re here to help

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I’m concerned my child may have APD – what should I do?

If your child is six or older, book in for an assessment with a qualified paediatric audiologist at Can:Do Hearing.

We’ll also ask you to fill out a questionnaire about any medical history that might impact their hearing ability, and also if they have had other assessments with specialists such as speech pathologists. This helps our audiologists decide which tests to carry out.

We then provide comprehensive assessments, results and recommendations.

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Whilst APD is not the result of language, cognitive or related disorders, it may lead to or be associated with difficulties in speech, language, learning and communication skills.

What happens if my child is diagnosed with APD?

We will work with you to develop the best management plan in line with your child’s needs. This may involve:

  • Working with your child’s school on classroom strategies to maximise your child’s learning
  • Discussing strategies to help develop your child’s listening and communication skills
  • Use of a soundfield system or assistive technology
  • Utilising Can:Do 4Kids professionals, such as a speech pathologist trained in APD therapy
  • Computer-based auditory training programs developed in line with scientific research