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Are personal audio devices damaging your hearing?

Portable music players may be contributing to permanent hearing loss among many unknowing casual listeners. Did you know an iPod's maximum volume is more than 10 times as loud as the recommended listening setting? Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when sensitive cells in the inner ear are exposed to loud noises. These "hair cells," that convert sound energy into electrical impulses sent to the brain can't grow back once they are damaged. "Noise exposure in children especially is a growing concern," says H...
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Auditory Processing Disorder Explained

What is Auditory Processing Disorder? (APD) Auditory Processing refers to ‘what we do with what we hear’. Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) refers to an inability to make optimal use of what we hear and affects 3% -5% of the population – about one child in every classroom. Whilst APD is not the result of language, cognitive or related disorders, it may lead to, or be associated with difficulties in language, learning and communication skills. A child with auditory processing difficulties can hear spoken messages, ...
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