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Scott Eckert

Senior Audiologist

Hi, I’m Scott. For the past 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work collaboratively with other audiologists in a clinical support and educational role, across both the Cochlear Implant and hearing aid rehabilitation space. 

My diverse experience has given me a deep understanding of the different hearing devices and what solution works best for each individual. While I have a passion for audiology, I am also advancing my knowledge and education into the realm of project management and am currently studying a postgraduate diploma .

This, along with my wife, two children and dog, keeps me very busy. The Can:Do Group’s core values of inclusiveness, facilitation, support, education, and total communication for our clients with various sensory needs to make informed decisions, align perfectly with the way I like to practice as an audiologist.

Audiologist, B.App Sc (OT), MAud, MAudA-CCP

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