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Michael Sanders

Senior Audiologist

Hi, I’m Michael. I started with Can:Do Hearing as an Audiologist in 2013 and now work with adults, focusing on adult rehabilitation and hearing aids. I selected audiology at Flinders University after deciding on a career change out of engineering management. 

This transition was inspired by the realisation that, being an audiologist, I can focus on the person-to-person interaction, while still leveraging my background in engineering.

So, mine has been an unusual path to the audiology profession. My first career after high school was in electronic engineering, following in the footsteps of my father. After completing an engineering degree in Adelaide, I worked in Australia and overseas in various positions. 

I have travelled extensively around Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, both professionally and as a backpacker. My longest stay was for six years in France where I managed the development of technical standards for mobile phones. I still enjoy travelling and regularly get back to France with my wife, who is French and our daughter, who is studying at university.

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering (University of South Australia)
Master of Audiology (Flinders University)

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