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Julieanne Yates

Senior Audiologist

Hi, I’m Julieanne. I recently celebrated ten years with the Can:Do Group, joining soon after the paediatric audiology service was launched. My career began in 1995 when I completed postgraduate qualifications in Sydney. I then worked in and around Port Macquarie before returning to South Australia to take up a position with a Commonwealth Government program. Over my 16 years in this role, I travelled all over South Australia, seeing both adult and paediatric clients, and gaining further qualifications to work with complex needs in both adults and children.

I care about everyone’s communication development journey and believe in the holistic approach – not just seeing a set of ears. My role at Can:Do extends to auditory processing assessments looking at why a child might be having listening difficulties in the classroom and providing support around this. It also includes working with Cochlear Implant users and supporting the listening and spoken language program.

Hearing is so precious and plays a central role in communication and connecting to others, so if you have an inkling something has changed with your own or your child’s hearing, come and see us.

Bachelor of Science – Adelaide University
Postgraduate Diploma in Audiology- Macquarie University

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