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Gabrielle Ward


Hi, I’m Gaby. My passion is working with hearing-loss clients and their families who look to achieve their individual listening and communication goals, so they can stay connected and empowered to their best life. I strive to make them feel comfortable and confident in the decisions they make regarding their hearing health.

Of course, prevention is better than treatment, which is why I encourage everyone to wear hearing protection, especially when using power tools and even lawn mowers at. We all need to protect what we have, but it's particularly important for our clients with existing hearing loss, as we want to protect what is remaining.

My career in audiology to date has been primarily focused on providing audiology services to adults. This has given me a wide range of experience with the plethora of hearing aid technologies. I appreciate how overwhelming it can be for clients, and I am consistently looking to ease the decision. This can include not having a hearing aid at all, because, like all the audiologists at Can:Do Hearing, I believe in doing what is necessary to achieve your goals.

Bachelor of Medical Science at Flinders University
Masters of Audiology at Flinders University

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