Hearing Assessments For Kids

Why choose Can:Do Hearing for your child’s hearing assessment?

All paediatric appointments are conducted by a paediatric audiologist who has had extensive experience assessing children of all ages.

 Why does my child need a hearing test?

• Hearing loss is invisible – your child may respond to many sounds but have difficulty hearing soft sounds

• A newborn hearing screening may miss a mild hearing loss

• Hearing can change

• There may be concerns regarding your child’s speech and language development

• There may be concerns regarding your child’s listening behaviour

• Your child has had a history of middle ear infections

• There is a history of hearing loss within your family

• Peace of mind

How will you assess my child’s hearing?

There are a number of paediatric hearing assessments available at Can:Do Hearing.  The types of tests used depend on your child’s age and their ability to respond. Testing may include:

• Listening games

• Speech testing

• Middle ear health check

Hearing assessments typically take 45 minutes and are painless and most importantly fun!

When will I know the results?

Can:Do Hearing’s paediatric audiologist will usually be able to tell you the results of your child’s hearing assessment as soon as the tests are completed. Occasionally, it may take more than one session to obtain a complete picture of your child’s hearing.

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