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MBS Changes for Audiology Items

MBS Changes for Audiology Items

From 1 March 2023, changes to Audiology Items came into effect as part of the Australian Government’s implementation of the MBS Review Taskforce recommendations.

Can:Do Hearing Business Operations Manager, Amanda Seamans, says, “The recent changes to the MBS is a big step forward in improving access to hearing health services for all Australians. We welcome the update and look forward to working closely with our GP colleagues to deliver quality affordable services.

On 14 December 2020, as part of the MBS Review, the MBS Review Taskforce Clinical Committee made six recommendations for Audiology Items on the MBS, which were presented to the Australian Government for endorsement.

The Australian Government endorsed all recommendations provided by the MBS Review Taskforce Clinical Committee.

With an appropriate referral, Can:Do Hearing clients are eligible to claim 85% of the full item fee.

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Can:Do Hearing GP Referrals

Fees example (for Doctors):

82306 - Non-determinate audiometry. Full Schedule Fee: $18.50 82309 - Air conduction audiogram. Full Schedule Fee: $22.25

82312 - Air and bone conduction audiogram or air conduction and speech discrimination audiogram. Full Schedule Fee: $31.45

82315 - Air and bone conduction and speech discrimination audiogram. Full Schedule Fee: $41.60

82318 - Air and bone conduction and speech discrimination audiogram with other cochlear tests. Full Schedule Fee: $51.40

82324 - Impedance audiogram. Full Schedule Fee: $16.90

82332 - Oto-acoustic emission audiometry. Full Schedule Fee: $49.55

Referral Forms:

CDH-Doctor-Referral-Form-A4-95009_FORM.pdf (prefillable digital file)

CDH-Doctor-Referral-Form-A4-95009_HRNCB.pdf (print file)

Audiology Australia Media Release

The only way that Australians used to be able to claim a Medicare rebate for a paid hearing assessment was to get a referral from an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist or a neurologist. Now, the rebated referral pathway has expanded significantly.

“You can now claim a Medicare rebate for a hearing service after being referred by any medical practitioner, whether they’re a paediatrician or a GP, just like you would for an eye examination. It’s going to make a huge difference.”

The vital work of audiologists in creating a sound future

An ageing population means that audiologists will become more important in the healthcare system. About 3.6 million people have some form of hearing loss in Australia, with this number expected to more than double to 7.8 million in 2060, according to the Department of Health and Aged Care. Hearing loss can be linked to tinnitus increase the risk of falls, isolation, anxiety and depression.

MBS Online:


Can:Do Hearing raising awareness on the importance of hearing health care.

Can:Do Hearing is committed to increasing awareness of hearing loss, while educating the public and other healthcare providers regarding the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of hearing loss.

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We encourage you to book your hearing test online with our Audiologists, after your health check with your GP and then bring your Doctor's referral with you for the Medicare Rebate.

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