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Erin Walsh

Senior Audiologist

Hi! I'm Erin, a senior audiologist with Can:Do Hearing, who is fortunate enough to work with both children and adults day to day. My big tip is to get your hearing tested regularly, especially if you notice a sudden change in hearing sensitivity, or tinnitus, or are experiencing aural ‘fullness’ – that full sensation you get when your ears are blocked or congested. You may think sounds are muffled, or you may hear crackling or popping sounds. It usually goes away by itself, however other times you may need our help.

Helping people with their hearing issues really does improve their quality of life. I enjoy educating people on the importance of ear and hearing health and assisting individuals in improving their hearing and speech comprehension.

I have been with Can:Do Hearing for almost 10 years and love working alongside an incredibly experienced and dedicated team of health professionals. This has allowed me to continue to gain knowledge and experience across a variety of allied health spaces, and also work collaboratively to provide a holistic service to our wonderful clients.

Bachelor of Behavioural Science – Flinders University
Master of Audiology – Flinders University

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