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Sound Advice for Musicians

A new partnership between Can:Do Hearing and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO) will promote the importance of hearing health to musicians, reconnect people with a hearing loss to music and build awareness in the broader community of the importance of hearing health.

Hearing health is a significant issue in this country, with one in six Australians having some form of hearing loss. It is often overlooked, or given a low priority. For musicians in particular, hearing health underpins their very livelihood, and musicians are one of the groups most at risk of experiencing a hearing loss, says Can:Do Hearing’s Manager of Audiology Services, Joel Coultas.
“Hearing loss through exposure to sound is cumulative and permanent – the ears eventually ‘wear out’ after repeated exposure to moderately loud sounds,” Joel says. “Potentially damaging sound levels are found in many parts of the orchestra and can even occur during private practice for louder instruments.”

As part of the two-year agreement, Can:Do Hearing will be the official hearing health partner of ASO and will conduct hearing health information sessions for orchestra members, and fit up to 75 ASO musicians with audiology fitted custom ear plugs.

“Hearing preservation is an important part of a musician’s health and wellness plan,” says the ASO’s Director of People & Culture, Shivani Max. “With Can:Do Hearing as a partner, we have access to resources and specialists who can support our musicians with this health goal.”

But while that is a key element of the partnership, both parties are pursuing another, equally important objective.

“We make music to move people,” Shivani says. “And we look forward to working with Can:Do to connect with children and individuals who have experienced hearing loss continue to share in the joy of music.”

Can:Do Hearing client Barry, recently joined us at an exclusive behind the scenes ASO performance. He can now enjoy music again thanks to his new hearing aids.

“It’s been a great improvement, I can enjoy things that I used to once before.”

If you would like to reconnect with the sounds you love, contact Can:Do Hearing today.

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