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Something fishy about Can:Do Hearing

My name’s Sonic – a Siamese fighting fish – and my role is the Can:Do Hearing Office Gossip Specialist. As my name suggests, I’ve got great hearing and I’m always listening out for the latest juicy news from the team. Let me tell you, there’s much to share:

Firstly, Holly is back on deck as Team Manager, Audiology. Both she and Lauren recently visited Melbourne for a business conference and came back with a wealth of knowledge. Our Senior Audiologist, Alli presented a talk on complex auditory problems in children at a recent Audiology Australia conference and, by all reports, was amazing. Lauren is back consulting for those who’d love to come and see her, and we have recently welcomed Scott to our team who has come on board as our Business Operations Manager.

But, the biggest news of all, Anna is pregnant! She’s expecting her second child in October and we can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy.

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Anna Fallah



A little bit about you:
I am an avid foodie and coffee lover. When I have some quiet time, I love to pick up a book and sip on a cup of tea.

How long have you been at Can:Do Hearing? What is your role?
I am the Customer Service Officer Coordinator and I will have been working with Can:Do Hearing for 10 years in June 2022.

How/why did you come to be in the Hearing industry?
I was originally employed by Can:Do 4Kids to assist with coordinating the reporting of community and disability support services funding, then transitioned to Can:Do Hearing.

What do you love the most about working for Can:Do Hearing?
I love getting to know our clients and being a part of their hearing journey.

What is your favourite sound, and why?
My favourite sound is laughter because it makes my heart smile.

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