News, News and Events • December 12, 2020

Remote Microphones and Noise

In recent years, assistive technology designed to work with hearing aids in background noise situations has allowed hearing-impaired people to be able to better and more easily communicate in environments of high noise and distance. These systems, often referred to as a remote microphone come in many forms, depending on the client’s hearing aids. They use an external microphone, which can be held by the hearing impaired person, their communication partner, or placed in the middle of a table to bring the speaker’s voice closer to the hearing impaired person’s ears. By doing this, the signal is increased in comparison to the noise (or distance) making it clearer and easier to hear.

Most current hearing aids have the capacity to be paired with a remote microphone system, so if you think it’s something you would like to know more about, speak with one of our friendly audiologists.

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