News, News and Events • December 12, 2021

Products, Services and Clinic Updates

We now sell CleanEars wax spray, a safe way to remove wax. $16.90

Check out these adorable EarSavers. Handmade by Michelle Norton, they allow you to wear your face mask away from your ears, reducing the risk of losing hearing aids. Ask us about them at any of our clinics.

Clinic and service update

We are no longer providing services at Erindale and instead would love to see you at one of our other permanent locations around Adelaide. Welland | Noarlunga | Blackwood | Adelaide

The Hearing Services Program’s COVID special arrangements have ceased as of June 30 2021.
We will once again be asking clients to sign forms and quotes rather than giving verbal consent; including Maintenance Agreements and statuary declarations when hearing aids have been lost.

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