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Hearing Aids and Insurance

For those eligible under the Hearing Services Program (HSP), opting into the annual maintenance scheme is a cost-effective way of covering for most damages and repairs. Even in the case that hearing aids are lost, the HSP will provide a subsidy towards the replacement. For those with higher technology hearing aids and those privately funded a gap payment will apply, this is where insurance can come in handy!

Navigating the world of insurance can be quite difficult and understanding what each policy covers is important. The most common type of insurance is “Standard Contents Cover”. These policies will cover a device that has been lost or damaged as a result of theft, flood, fire or storm.

It is best to add hearing aids to your policy as “Specified Contents” and “Portable Contents”. This allows you to list high-value items for a nominated amount and will cover loss or damage outside of the home.

Finally, ensuring hearing aids are covered for “Accidental Loss or Damage” is crucial. Most loss or damage is accidental and for the majority of policies must be opted into as an add-on.


  • Cover for those in nursing homes is different, it is best to liaise directly with your insurer for advice.
  • When travelling overseas hearing aids can often be added as part of travel insurance.
  • Insurers will typically need a copy of your receipt to add hearing aids to the policy, Can:Do Hearing are able to print additional copies of receipts.

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