Office of Hearing Services (OHS)

The process to apply for the Hearing Service Program for people over 26 years old has got a whole lot easier. You can now apply online – reducing waiting times dramatically!
Simply click here  to apply today.

This will take you to the Office of Hearing Services Website where you can apply by clicking Apply Now for a New Voucher.  Enter the details as requested and process your voucher application request.

The Government also require an Office of Hearing Services Medical Certificate to be completed by your doctor. To print this form out, click on the link on the bottom of the page after you have processed your application request. Once signed by the doctor, your application can be finalised on the OHS website.

Can:Do Hearing Customer Service Officers are happy to assist new and existing clients with new and return vouchers.

Contact us on 8100 8209 – so we can organise the voucher on your behalf. It is really is that quick and easy!

If you are currently on the OHS voucher program and wish to become a Can:Do Hearing client, please contact us on 8100 8209 and we can help you through this process.