Fast ForWord

At Can:Do Hearing we are now providing specialised APD therapy program Fast ForWord.

Through daily exercises, carefully designed by learning experts and neuroscientists, the Fast ForWord program improves auditory processing accuracy and speed, enabling the brain to “hear” the correct words and process them quickly.  Aiding a child’s underlying skills of memory, attention and language the program gives each student the tools needed to make the most of their abilities.

Fast ForWord is a leader in the science of brain training and is one of the world’s most highly researched and proven learning programs. 

From just 30 minutes a day for as little as 3 months at home or school, your child can achieve significant and lasting improvements in:

  • Auditory processing
  • Working memory
  • Attention
  • Reading
  • Spelling and writing
  • Language
  • Self-esteem

See for yourself, view the Fast ForWord research here 

Watch the Fast ForWord demonstration video

If you’re interested, what’s next?

For a free, no obligation appointment to demonstrate and explain Fast ForWord, please contact our Welland office on 8100 8209.