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Aural Rehabilitation

Aural rehabilitation services at Can:Do Hearing focus on adjusting your life to your hearing loss and optimising communication and quality of life.  

Hearing aids are simply that – aids – and our audiologists can share hints and tips to ensure you get the most benefit from them. We often compare hearing aids to a prosthetic limb to help people understand the need for ongoing rehabilitation.

Concerns typically covered during aural rehabilitation sessions may include:
  • Information on your hearing loss
  • Your family’s understanding of your hearing loss
  • Your hearing aid
  • Learning to listen again
  • How to use visual clues
  • Dealing with background noise

These sessions work best if you can bring a frequent communication partner with you, so we can help with the type of communication that’s relevant to you and your lifestyle. These appointments are on offer one Friday a month from our Blackwood and Welland clinics – at no cost to anyone who has had hearing aids fitted by us. Contact us today to find out more or to book your appointment.

These appointments are specifically designed for hearing aid users who feel that they are not able to meet their specific communication goals with hearing aids alone.